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Jen Rota - CEO

 After graduating from high school, Jen moved to Santa Barbra to study at the community college.  After receiving her Associates degree, she knew she wanted to live and raise a family in Northern California.  She then attended and graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Business and double concentration in Management and  Human Resources.  Starting a business with her husband seemed to be the perfect marriage with her business and management experience and his extensive knowledge of the industry.   Together they raise their boys and work hard to take care of their clients.   


Dustin Rota - General Manager


Janelle Baxter - Office Manager


Janelle has over 30 years of Customer Service and Security Office management knowledge, this helps make our business communications work to the fullest. 

After moving back to California in the early 90’s, Janelle began her career with a local Marin Alarm company and grew with a few different companies as the industry technology changed. Working as an Alarm Dispatcher, Sales Secretary and running a 24-hr Alarm Central Station as Manager.   Then for the last 12 years she was the office manager for a local company, it allowed her the flexibility to raise her family. 

Staying active within her community and friends is very important. She loves the SF Giants (Huge Fan), you can always find her either playing softball or at the ballpark watching a game. 

Her work experience, smile and upbeat personality will be extremely awarding as our company announces new products, services and partners that will benefit our customers in the years to come.  She listens, learns and thinks outside the box.